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Merit Contracting Inc. | 4750 Hwy 63 North, Rochester, MN 55906 | 507-281-4317

Service Department

Emergency Repairs

Available 24/7

Report an Emergency Repair

During Business Hours 8 am to 5 pm call 281-4317 and ask for the Service Department.

After Hours call 281-4317 and listen to the message that will direct you to leave a message for the Service Department.After the on-call service foreman receives your message he will promptly return your call and address your emergency needs.

Annual Roof Inspections

The purpose of an annual inspection is to obtain a general overview of the current roof condition. Also to provide recommendations for maintaining the existing roof system. As well as related budget cost estimates for the repair work. Annual roof inspections may uncover the need for repairs in a variety of categories, including damage to roof system, debris on the roof, drainage issues, metal flashings, wall and chimney conditions, etc. By identifying and repairing any problem areas, you could prevent leaking and the need for any emergency repairs or any unexpected roof replacement.

Installation of Rooftop Equipment

We work closely with Building Managers, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians and Satellite Installers when installing rooftop equipment for the highest quality. Installation per roof system specification will maintain any roof warranty.